Painfull Hip Conditions


Hip pain is a very common complaint.  As active baby-boomers age, hip pain complaints become more frequent.  Hip pain can be caused by joint cartilage wear over time as well as injuries including labral tears, and injuries of the tendons and ligaments. Left untreated, these injuries become chronic and can lead to difficulty sleeping, pain with sports, job activities, normal daily activities such as walking and even balance problems and falls.  The progression of the problems associated with arthritis can ultimately lead to the need for joint replacement surgery.

Stem Cell Research & Hip Injuries

The North Texas Stem Cell Treatment Center offers a protocol for painful hip conditions that harnesses the beneficial properties of adult stem cells. We harvest the patient’s own adipose (fat) tissue derived stem cells – the richest source of adult stem cells-  during an outpatient procedure that takes about three hours under local anesthesia, These cells are then returned or deployed back into the patient’s body via injection or intravenous infusion.

Although this regenerative medicine procedure is considered to be experimental, according to the Telegraph, “New stem cell treatment ‘being used by patients to avoid hip replacements’.”

We are committed to quality care for our patients with painful hip conditions.  We are also committed to stem cell research for the advancement of regenerative medicine. We are proud to be part of the only Investigational Review Board (IRB)-based stem cell treatment network in the United States that utilizes fat-transfer surgical technology. We have an array of ongoing IRB-approved protocols, and we provide care for patients with a wide variety of disorders that may be treated with adult stem cell-based regenerative therapy. Not all hip injuries respond to stem cell therapy, and each patient must be assessed individually to determine the potential for optimal results from this regenerative process.