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North Texas Stem Cell Treatment Center is among a select group of physicians in the nation to offer stem cell therapy and other regenerative medical therapies as an alternative option for the treatment of orthopedic injuries and degenerative disorders including osteoarthritis and chronic tendinitis. Minimally Invasive - Outpatient Procedure patients may benefit from a unique non-surgical procedure using the patient’s own stem cells and growth factors that may help repair damaged tissue, reduce pain and promote healing. During the procedure, the physician extracts the patient’s own fat cells that are rich in stem cells, and following minimal processing of the cells, they are injected into the patient’s joint or area of injury to reduce pain and promote quicker healing.

The entire procedure is a same day procedure is performed in the physician’s office and the patient goes home on the same day.

The Treatments Offered Are Not Research or Clinical Trials

Not all patients are candidates for stem cell treatment. Please see the list of frequently asked questions and schedule a consultation to determine if you are a candidate.

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We have Partnered with American Physiotherapists to develop a state of the art Physical Therapy Center in our Lagos office. We are now open and seeing patients.

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